In this era of digital marketing and online marketing, you may have come across different gurus, mentors and even scams online. And I am assuming, if you are into online marketing, you may have come across a persistent ad from an online guru named, Fibo Lim. In this article, let’s dissect if this Fibo Lim is a scam or legit.

My Back story

I’ve been running ads for my business for quite some time. However, I wasn’t able to get my desired results. I just usually click boost post, and then manually approaching my leads via messenger.

With this strategy I get low conversion to sales.

It was very exhausting. Until I saw an ad saying: “Why you shouldn’t BOOST POST.”

Is this Fibo Lim a scam or legit?

That ad came from Fibo Lim. I said: “What? Your saying not to boost post, but here you are using a sponsored ad!”

I thought before that when one is a “sponsored ad” it means they also use the “boost post” button.

But since I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted, I said to myself: “Just maybe. Maybe he knows something that I don’t.”

Even though I have no previous experience of Fibo Lim, I still didn’t have trust in him, I gave his webinar a try. It was good, but I wasn’t satisfied. I tried checking his Facebook page – walang masyadong posts sa FB niya on results of previous students.

However, grabi! ang kulit ng ads nya.

That’s when I realized, maybe he is really doing something good. So even if I still have doubts – baka hindi totoo yung offer, baka hindi applicable sa industry ko, I enrolled myself in one of his programs: Business Growth Intensive.

What’s inside Coach Fibo Lim’s Business Growth Intensive

And I was wrong. I felt ashamed for doubting his skills.

He was able to give tremendous value during his masterclass. I love how straightforward and generous his classes are. He is indeed very relevant for digital marketing.

What I like the most is that he does not stop teaching and providing value until he sees his students achieve results. He makes time to mentor and coach aspiring entrepreneurs like me. He makes time to learn different industries to make his teaching relevant.

Because of his program, I was able to double our recruitment pipeline through the whiteboard webinar, became the top rookie unit nationwide for Philam.

Before I would only have 6 interested from my leads from friends in a week and would go through more rejections than interested replies.

But after implementing ads with manychat, I was able to remove rejection and the prospects are reaching out instead of the other way around.

I now have 309 quality leads and counting in just 1 week, all interested and are waiting for a client meeting to get P1M insurance for their kid.

I now spend less time and energy on reaching out to people, following up and instead I now have more time spent on coming up with strategies on how to add value to my clients.

Yes! The program is very holistic, it has the technical and soft skills training, coupled with the structure of accountability. It creates an environment that is very supportive and the only way to fail, is if you don’t implement. Coach Fibo’s program is very timely and relevant even after the pandemic.

So, is Coach Fibo Lim a scam? Definitely not! He is one of the best in the industry and if you enrolled in his program – this may well be the last online marketing program you’ll ever need!

You can check out Coach Fibo Lim here!

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